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Adolescence is a period in which an individual undergoes major physical and psychological changes.which occur in the life of a child has he put his foot towards the puberty or to the legal adulthood that is during the second decade of the life. Sometimes this physical ,psychological or cultural expressions may begin earlier or may end  later. Puberty begins during pre adolescence particularly in females and this physical growth and cognitive development can extend in early twenties  more in males .The age criteria is only A rough marker - indicator of adolescence. 

Study of adolescent development can be explain:-

 biologically​ as the physical transition- that is onset of puberty and termination of physical growth 

cognitively --​as development of multidirectional and independent thinking    Socially- ​as a period of preparation for adult enties.  

 At the same time, it is a period of risk: a period when health problems that have serious immediate consequences can occur or when problem behaviours that could have serious adverse effects on health in the future are as.

  • Too early pregnancy.

  • Health problems during pregnancy & child birth (including unsafe abortion)

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV.

  • Harmful traditional practices e.g. female genital mutilation.

Poly cystic ovary syndrome is one of the most common endocrine disorders seen​   among adolescent

girls. This is generally noticed through an acne spurt, facial hair growth, weight gain, etc. 

Some of the common menstrual​   ​ disturbances​        include anovulatory bleeding (absent​       or infrequent or irregular menstrual cycles),

ovulatory bleeding (heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding), menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea, etc.


With the changing society structure ,thinking and easy access to online literatures/ material often the adolescent girls are missguided and they often  land into wrong  doing -leading to physical or health related complications It Becomes important to educate and sensitize the adolescent girls about their rights sexual health habits also it is essential for adolescents to be given the right perspective Information about sexual health and do's and don'ts regarding that .


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