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If you are planning to start family/ trying to  conceive

Consider scheduling a preconception visit with DR HARSHA JAIN

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A consultation with Dr Harsha Jain will give you the chance to get a health status report, find out if you need to make any changes to your lifestyle or medication regime, discuss any potential risk factors and learn more about fertility and ovulation.

The goal of a preconception visit is to identify any risks to you, the baby, and your pregnancy, and then to minimise those risks and maximise your overall well-being.


It’s best to schedule the appointment at least three months before you plan to conceive .

Take your partner with you &  also take along with all present & past  medical treatment documentation.

Here, the some  questions, you should look for the  answer- self , if confused / no solution  then surely consult your doctor.

  • Will the birth control pills  I was taking have any effect? How long after I stop taking it will I able to get pregnant?

  • Need of any  prenatal vitamins?

  • When is the best time to have sex to conceive? How can I track ovulation?

  • How can my partner and I naturally increase our chances of conceiving?

  • Are all the medications I’m currently taking safe for pregnancy? If not, what can I do or take instead?

  • Am I in good health? Do I need to make any lifestyle changes to avoid potential pregnancy complications?

  • Can any previous health conditions affect my fertility?

  • Are all my immunisations up to date? Are there vaccines I should get before trying to conceive?

  • Do i need any  genetic counselling?

  • Do i need you recommend genetic testing?

  • What foods should I be eating or avoiding?

  • Are there any environmental exposures I should avoid?

  • Do I need to be screened for Zika infection?

  • Am I at a healthy weight?

  • What is a good exercise regimen?

  • Does anything in my obstetric or gynecologic history affect this pregnancy?

For more understanding/ answers to these frequent questions- Consult Dr  Harsha  Jain  .

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